What We Do

SGM markets and sells commodity and specialty chemicals to a wide variety of customers in multiple industries, globally.  

We leverage the 40+ years of industry experience to provide a full array of services that are customer centric, product focused and market driven.  

SGM can market products on behalf of your company or sell to your company. In addition, we can provide additional services such as bulk to package, inventory management, consolidation and third-party logistics.  

As a sales agent, SGM provides sales coverage and market presence, giving your company a broader reach to more markets than you may have had otherwise.  

SGM also fills the role of reseller, matching buyers and sellers and serving as broker and trader on transactions as necessary. We are able to handle the disposition of excess inventory and off-spec products. 

If your company needs someone to fill the role of Logistics Manager, SGM fits the bill. We have experience with coordinating tolls, product blending, distillation and other processing steps to help your company manage its chemical supply chain more effectively. 

SGM LLC Targeted Industries




Oil & Gas



Chemical Manufacturing

Pharma & Nutritional


Consumer Products

Personal Care