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SGM LLC • P.O. Box 531216 • Indianapolis, IN 46253-1216

SGM LLC: Chemical Supply Chain Specialists

SGM LLC is a company that understands chemicals and how to move them through the supply chain. Our 40+ years of industry experience allows us to confidently handle just about any chemical product request presented to us. Need to source items globally? Check. Seeking a provider that is neutral on manufacturer/supplier sourcing options? That’s us. Want to work with a company that truly takes the time to understand your business? SGM answers the call.

SGM markets and sell commodity and specialty chemicals to a number of industries, including Energy, Oil & Gas, Consumer Products, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care and Automotive. Some of the best-known companies in North America and globally are our clients. We offer innovative solutions to our clients and add value by reducing their total supply chain costs while always seeking best-in-class solutions.

We take great pride in our ability to help solve our customer's raw material or process chemical challenges that will inevitably reduce their total chemical spend.

Get to know SGM and let us demonstrate to you the depth of knowledge and experience we have to help improve your company’s bottom line.